Allows you to book appointments with your doctor or nurse and request and pay for repeat prescriptions online.

 Vensa  Description

Vensa is a website that you can access through your mobile device. It allows you to:
  • book appointments online with your doctor or nurse 
  • request and pay for repeat prescriptions online.

Note: Not all features are automatically enabled. Each GP practice chooses which features to enable.

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Not all GPs across New Zealand have the Vensa patient portal. Check with your GP whether they do. Vensa allows you to book appointments online with your GP, nurses and even specialised GP clinics (eg, flu clinics). In addition, Vensa allows you to order and pay for repeat prescriptions online as well as access other features.

Users can login or register for an account through the Vensa website or their practice online appointment booking page. Vensa allows you to have an account regardless of whether your GP offers the service or whether your ID has been identified, but this option gives you limited functionality. To learn more, go to the Vensa website

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