Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) app

An app for people attending a WRAP programme.

WRAP By Advocates for Human Potential Inc
  • Diary
  • Notebook
  • Sharing

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Two out of five stars

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What does the app do?

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) app functions like a templated digital notebook for documenting progress when attending a WRAP programme. The app has a few sections, such as: 

  • wellness toolbox section 
  • daily plan
  • stressors
  • early warning signs
  • when things are breaking down
  • crisis plan 
  • post-crisis plan 

This app is designed to be used alongside the WRAP programme. It is best used with a support person, support group or in a WRAP group.

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✔ Works like a notebook to document your Wellness Recovery Action Plan.

✔ Has a tutorial section with instructions on how to use the app.


✘ The email function didn’t work at the time of review.

✘ Technology has not been leveraged to its full potential here and it is very unlikely to be helpful outside the context of a group WRAP programme.

✘ Limited education about the programme.

Review details

Date of review: December 2019
Platform reviewed: Android
Version: 2.0
Download size: 21 MB
Updated: 27 March 2019 

App developer
If you are the developer and would like to provide updated information about this app, please email the app library manager at applibrary@healthnavigator.org.nz.


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