Asthma apps

There are variety of mobile apps available for people with asthma. These can be a useful way to learn about and take control of your asthma. Asthma apps can help you keep track of your symptoms, triggers, peak flow readings and medication. You can also create an asthma action plan, together with your doctor or nurse. The Health Navigator team has reviewed some asthma apps that you may like to consider.

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My Asthma app

My Asthma app icon

  • Education and information
  • Asthma action plan
  • Developed by Asthma + Respiratory NZ
  • Country of origin: New Zealand
  • Available from Google Play and iTunes
  • Cost: free
  • Read more about My Asthma App

Hailie app

  • Smart inhaler
  • Medication reminders for inhalers
  • Audiovisual reminder
  • Electronically monitors compliance
  • Syncs to phone
  • Track peak flow (manual input)
  • Country of origin: New Zealand
  • Requires a subscription
    • One sensor plus app: $99.50 per year
    • Two sensors plus app: $149.50 per year
  • Read more about Hailie app

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Asthma MD

AsthmaMD icon

  • Symptom tracking
  • Trigger recording
  • Peak flow diary 
  • Medication tracking
  • Medication reminder
  • Appointment reminder
  • Reports for sharing
  • Available from Google Play and iTunes
  • Cost: free
  • Read more about Asthma MD

Wizdy pets - Asthma Game

  • Education and information
  • Games
  • Designed for children

Reviewed apps that are no longer available

Living well with asthma 

7 simple steps to help you take control of your asthma:

  • Know your symptoms and understand your asthma.
  • Know how your medicines work.
  • Take your preventer and symptoms controller every day.
  • Know your triggers and avoid them where possible.
  • Use a peak flow meter and/or symptom diary.
  • Understand and follow a self-management plan.
  • Keep in touch with your doctor. 

Learn more about controlling your asthma.

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