Epilepsy apps

Keeping a record of your seizures and tracking your anti-epileptic medication can be helpful in managing your epilepsy. This can be done in many ways such as keeping a paper diary, a computer-based diary and marking the calendar or, more recently with the use of seizure-tracking apps on mobile phones.
The tool you choose should be easily accessible so that you can use it on a regular basis, and one that you can easily share with your health care provider.

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Epilepsy Journal app

  • Seizure tracking
  • Medication tracking
  • Reports for sharing
  • Record seizures with one click as they happen
  • Available from Google Play
  • Cost: free
  • Read more about Epilepsy Journal app

Reviewed apps that are no longer available

  • Epilepsy Tool Kit app

Tips on using your seizure diary

  • Ask your doctor or nurse what information is most important for you to track, what would help your health care team and what information do you need?
  • When you change medicines, make sure you write down when you do this.
  • It is also helpful to write down when you use an ‘as needed’ medicine or treatment and any effect it has, so you can see if it worked as expected.
  • To track any triggers or patterns, decide what you are interested in finding out more about and write down when the trigger or pattern occurs.
  • To monitor side effects of medicines or changes in your mood, write down if these happen and when they occur, such as after which medicine, and the time of day.

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