Hearing test apps

Hearing test apps are used for hearing assessments, to test your hearing. Read more about how to use hearing test apps safely.

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What are hearing test apps?

These are apps to enable consumers to test their hearing. The best way to assess your hearing and find out if you have hearing loss, is to do a hearing test performed by a trained audiologist. Hearing test apps are best use as screening tools. They may give you a quick indication of whether you need a full hearing assessment by a qualified audiologist. 

The importance of using hearing test apps with caution

Not all hearing test apps are the same. Some may be more reliable and accurate than others.

  • Hearing test apps are a screening tool only. The results from a hearing test app can give an indication about whether a full hearing test is required. However, test results are unable to guarantee that your hearing is normal and should not replace a professional medical consultation. If you have noticed difficulty in hearing, you have ringing in your ears or are hearing any other abnormal sounds, it is best to see your GP.  
  • Do not use hearing test apps to assess hearing in children. This requires a specialised assessment by a trained health professional.
  • Be aware of total costs. Hearing test apps may be free, but you may need to spend money on headphones. Not using the correct headphones may affect the results.  
  • Use hearing test apps in a quiet environment. When using hearing test apps, it is important that you use them in a quiet environment with minimal background noise. Background noise can affect the accuracy of your test results.

A review and assessment of smartphone-based apps to detect hearing loss found that features across apps vary widely. Few apps have been validated and instructions for many apps were extremely limited, with some even neglecting to instruct users to wear headphones during testing.1

Reviews of hearing test apps


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