Migraine and headache apps

Apps for people to record details of headaches and migraines.

Recording details of your headaches can help you recognise triggers, patterns and warning signs, assess whether treatments are working for you and improve communication with your doctor by giving a more accurate description of your symptoms. This can be done by keeping a paper diary, or more recently with the use of migraine and headache apps on mobile phones. 

App name  Features Clinical score

Migraine Buddy

  • Symptom tracking
  • Trigger recording
  • Treatment tracking 
  • Sleep tracking
  • Social networking
  • Available from Google Play and iTunes
  • Cost: free
  • Read more about Migraine Buddy

Headache Log

  • Symptom tracking
  • Trigger recording
  • Medication tracking
  • Reports for sharing
  • Available from Google Play 
  • Cost: free(basic); paid upgrade
  • Read more about Headache Log

Migraine Xplained

  • Education and information
  • Symptom tracking
  • Available from Google Play and iTunes
  • Cost: free
  • Read more about Migraine Xplained

Reviewed apps that are no longer available

How to describe your headaches

The following are examples of details you may want to record about your headaches and migraines.

  • Where is the pain? such as on one side or both, behind the eye(s), forehead
  • How severe are they?  (on a scale of 1 to 10; read more about describing your pain)
  • What do they feel like? such as vice-like, stabbing, throbbing, splitting
  • How long do they last? (minutes, hours or days)
  • How often do they occur? (daily, monthly, only on weekends or weekdays)
  • When do they occur? (on waking, in the afternoon)
  • When did they begin? (childhood, adolescence, middle age)
  • What triggers them? isuch as some foods, alcohol, caffeine, exertion, noise, bright light, hunger, stress, tiredness, weather
  • What else do you feel? such as neck or shoulder tension, sinus pain, tender scalp
  • Is your vision affected? such as blind spots, strange lights or patterns
  • What treatment did you take
  • How effective is the treatment (or isn’t).


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