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Apps to help you manage your snoring.

Snoring often does not cause any problems to the person who snores, but it may be so noisy that it stops other people from sleeping. Sometimes it also interrupts the sleep of the person who snores, making them tired in the daytime.

There are a variety of apps aimed at people who snore. Most of the apps record your snoring while you sleep so you become aware of the extent of the problem. Some apps, such as SnoreGym, have exercises that help you to exercise and tone parts of your upper airway.

The following snoring apps have been reviewed. 

 App name  Features  Clinical review


  • Exercises for the tongue, soft palate, cheeks and jaw
  • Easy-to-follow animations
  • Rep counter
  • Available from Google Play and iTunes
  • Cost: Paid
  • Read more about SnoreGym app

Snore Lab

Snore lab app icon

  • Snore recording
  • Calculates snore score
  • Lifestyle tracking
  • Available from Google Play and iTunes
  • Cost: Free
  • Read more about Snore Lab app

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