An online tool is designed to help you understand your skin condition.

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What does the tool do?

DermDiag is an online tool developed by DermNet to help you understand your skin condition. It is intended for educational purposes and doesn't provide medical advice.

By answering a series of questions, and with images to help you along, you are shown a selection of common skin conditions with the characteristics you have chosen.  Although the tool doesn't provide clinical guidance, it helps you to talk to your doctor and to learn more about your skin condition.

For the complete description, go to the website or, for a more detailed review, see Reviews


✔ Based on the textbook Differential Diagnosis in Dermatology by Barbara Leppard and Richard Ashton.

✔ Input from dermatologists.

✔ Explains dermatological terms and uses pictures as examples.

✔ Links to the relevant condition pages on DermNet.

✔ Designations regarding disease prevalence where relevant.

✔Easy navigation.

✘ Some people may find the language challenging at times, but a glossary is provided.

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Date of review: November 2020
Platform reviewed: Web browser

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