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There are a variety of mobile phone apps for breathing, meditation and mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of each moment of your day as it happens. Becoming more mindful helps reduce tension, stress and anxiety. It also helps you notice what supports your wellbeing. Here are some apps to get you started.

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  • Meditation app based on Māori teachings
  • Free version of the app comprises six basic videos
  • Available from Google Play and iTunes
  • Cost: Free basic; paid subscription upgrade for more videos
  • Read more about Āio


  • Guided meditation
  • Meditation reminders
  • Meditation tracking
  • Available from Google Play and iTunes
  • Cost: Free trial; paid subscription for full content
  • Read more about Headspace


  • Tracks sleep, activity, feelings
  • Wellbeing articles and videos
  • Shared community and personal coach
  • Available from Google Play and iTunes
  • Cost: Free trial
  • Read more about Melon

Smiling Mind

  • Guided meditation and mindfulness
  • Meditation reminders
  • Available from Google Play and iTunes
  • Cost: Free
  • Read more about Smiling Mind

Virtual Hope Box

  • Games
  • Meditation exercises
  • Activities to reduce stress
  • Motivational quotes 
  • Available from Google Play and iTunes
  • Cost: Free
  • Read more about Virtual Hope Box


  • Mindfulness audio
  • Can share mindfulness audios with others using social media, messaging, text or email
  • Available from Google Play and iTunes
  • Cost: Basic: $6.49, paid upgrade: $30 per annum for subscription
  • Read more about Buddhify

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As there are so many apps to support mental health and wellbeing, we have not been able to review all those available. We have instead identified independent organisations that have reviewed these apps.

  • (Australia) helps young people get through anything from everyday issues to tough time. 
  • PsyberGuide (United States) helps people make responsible and informed decisions about apps and other digital tools for mental health.
  • Mind in Brighton and Hove (United Kingdom) promotes good mental health.

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